Leadership during Covid times

To serve you in this difficult season, we have compiled our most relevant leadership resources to help you lead during a season of crisis. This page will be updated as we receive more resources, so stay tuned to discover the latest!

  • 7 Principles for Leading through Covid-19

    A crisis like Covid-19 presents many leadership challenges: we have never been here before! There is no well-worn path; no lamp posts to show the way; no maps to guide us. Leaders around the world are forging new ways to lead within our new framework.
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  • 5 Critical Behaviors of Leaders in a Crisis!

    In these days, from the perspective of leading my own small business, I have thought a lot about the leaders I know.
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  • 5 Leadership Tips From a Pastor Who Battled the Ebola Epidemic in Liberia

    About six years ago, I found myself immersed in the Ebola Epidemic that claimed about 4,000 Liberian lives. During the crisis, I would sign in to Facebook and become inundated with an avalanche of pictures of the diseased and dying.
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  • If You Lead People Today, Do These 5 Things

    Most of us woke up Monday morning to a very different reality from what we were expecting last month – or even last week. Children home from school or university, entire companies working from home, families self-quarantining – and yet somehow, the world is still turning and we’re expected to do our work as usual.
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  • Best Practices for Crisis Communication

    We are facing global leadership challenges that most of us have never experienced. Within the last week, the response to COVID-19 (coronavirus) has led to closing borders, canceling major global events, sports leagues postponing all games, prominent companies moving all their employees to work from home and a panicked shortage of toilet paper.
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Covid survivors stories

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