Welcome to the NextGen GLS which is the Youth Edition of the Global Leadership Summit

The Next Gen GLS is a dynamic Summit specifically tailored to challenge youth to maximize their influence, develop their leadership skills and to help them understand and discover their life’s purpose to make a difference wherever they are.

It’s main objective is to bring together the next generation of leaders with a primary focus to equip and empower to maximize their influence.


GLS NextGen is designed to awaken the leadership, faith, and a life journey for young leaders with the goal of activating them to be a force for good in their world and connecting them to a community of growth. This dynamic, action-oriented program equips thousands of young leaders each year and is ideal for schools, universities, communities, and youth groups.

With adaptable resources, GLS Next Gen can be tailored for an event, incorporated as part of a series, or embedded into

ongoing leadership training. Participants experience:

  • Top-rated ministry and business speakers
  • Engaging group discussions
  • High-quality video
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Practical life-lessons

GLS NextGen provides tools and simple resources to inspire new level thinking in our students. Each session led to meaningful conversations around faith, influence, and leadership that ignites their desire to engage the world.

NextGen In Person Summit

This is a physical summit where a group of youth meet in one location to learn leadership. The uniqueness of this is to attend, discuss and learn from one another in the same room.

NextGen Education Summit

Education summit is specifically focused on student community to build confidence increase competency, develop character and instill purpose along with education.

NextGen Digital Summit

The Digital Youth Summit is an online version of the youth summit which allows youth to join from anywhere in India.

What to Expect from the NextGen GLS?

Inspire, equip and activate the Next Generation to lead!

The Global Leadership Summit Next Gen equips thousands of young people each year through a dynamic and affordable leadership program ideal for universities, community and youth groups. 

Through a combination of live elements along with high-quality, pre-recorded content, participants will experience: 

  • world-class speakers 
  • engaging group discussions 
  • creative problem-solving 
  • fun leadership activities 
  • inspiring performances 
  • practical life-lessons 

Host a summit

The Global Leadership Summit is eager to partner with educational institutions, organizations across India who have a passion to engage, equip and empower young people to awaken and grow their Leadership for the better future.

Hindi Digital Summit

28th & 29th March 2023 | 7:00pm to 8:30pm