1. I acknowledge that guest faculty members are invited to participate in the Global Leadership Summit based on proven abilities in their field of expertise. Their beliefs may not necessarily reflect those of Global Leadership Network, and their inclusion on this resource does not imply endorsement of their views or affiliations.
  2. I acknowledge that the Summit is a videocast edition of the live Summit hosted by Global Leadership Network, Chicago, USA.
  3. I agree that the selection of speakers is sole discretion of the Summit leadership team.
  4. I acknowledge that GLS leadership may hold their discretion for any last minute changes in the line-up of speakers.
  5. I am aware that that speakers are from various backgrounds like church, social services, politics, business and other areas of life and I respect it even if their views differ from mine.
  6. Registration fees for the Summit is not refundable
  7. I am here to build and  develop my influence for the betterment of the society.