25TH & 26TH 2021
6:30PM TO 8:30PM


Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing your ticket.
By purchasing your ticket(s), you are agreeing to adhere the following Terms and Conditions.

  1. This is a digital edition of the Summit hosted by Global Leadership Network, Chicago, USA. The Summit is hosted in India by GLS India, a division of TC ThoughtCapital Institute Pvt Ltd.
  2. Each ticket purchased admits only ONE person for the Summit. If you are watching as a group, ticket needs to be purchased for each person attending.
  3. The content of this event is copyrighted and it should not be copied or broadcasted on any physical or digital platform without the written approval of the organisers.
  4. Tickets once purchased are not refundable.
  5. Summit speakers are invited to participate in the Global Leadership Summit based on their proven expertise in their field of operation. Their beliefs need not necessarily reflect those of Global Leadership Summit India, and their inclusion on this resource does not imply endorsement of their views or affiliations.
  6. Selection of speakers for this Summit is the sole discretion of the Global Leadership Summit India team. The host hold the right to any last minute changes the line-up of speakers and it will be intimated by posting on the website.
  7. This digital Summit is only limited to INDIA and it will not be available outside of INDIA.
  8. GST included in the cost of the ticket

Hindi Digital Summit

28th & 29th March 2023 | 7:00pm to 8:30pm